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We can mount our self adhesive prints onto pretty much any surface, foamex, foamcore, acrylic, mirrors, windows, floors… you get the idea.

There are a few ways you we create a step and repeat sometimes known as a sponsor or logo wall, depending on your venue and available space.

  • Foamex Panels – 3mm / 5mm/ 10mm/ 19mm / 24mm thickness
    Dense, smooth surface and come in standard sizes of 1220mm x 2440mm (4ft x 8ft) you can have whatever size you like, as we cut everything to size in our studio. The largest single panel we can produce is 4m x 2m.
    Foamex comes in a wide range of colours too, so if you want the edges of your panels to stand out why not try and coloured panel.
  • Foamcore Panels – 5mm / 10mm thickness
    Foamcore is a lightweight panel, which has a foam centre, with both faces in a thin card. Great for hanging signage due to it’s lightweight. Also good to cut special shapes out of, like photo booth props.
  • Acrylic Panels
    To get a really high end finish you can use coloured opaque, transparent or mirrored acrylic to give the edges of your prints that special finish.
  • Aluminium Composite
    If your panels are for exterior use, an aluminium composite is very durable and will with stand all weather conditions without buckling.

Get in touch with a member of our team for more information: 020 8743 3529